The Plan

Here is the general plan for the foreseeable future:

Summer 2019 – complete except the boat ended up in Bay City, MI

  • The last week of July and the first week of August the boat will be in Elk Rapids where we have a cottage on Elk Lake.
  • The rest of August we will bounce around northern MI as we head back to IL and WI for some weddings.
  • September we will head to the North Channel and Georgian Bay and then get the boat to Lake Erie for winter storage

Winter 2019 – complete

  • We are going to be retired boom-a-rang kids and live with Linda’s parents


Due to COVID 19 and surgeries (Linds’s hip and Bob’s knee) we have decided to keep Tiger Lily on the hard for this season and spend the summer at our cottage in Michigan:( So we are pushing our 2020 agenda to 2021. Now the challenge is figuring out where we are going to live for the winter of 2020/21:)


  • We will take the boat to the east coast via the Erie Canal. This entails taking the mast down which we are not excited about.
  • We will make our way down the east coast in Oct. and Nov.
  • We plan on being in St Augustine, FL for most of Dec. into Jan. and then make our way further south and eventually make the Gulf Steam crossing to the Bahamas for Feb. and Mar.
  • Then it is back up the east coast to a tbd location to store the boat for the summer.