7.24.19 – Chicago

City Life to Boat Life (6.7.19 – 7.4.19) We haven’t posted in awhile because during the month of June we have been downsizing – AGAIN!  It was fun to do some last Chicago activities with family and friends. We took a U-Haul trailer load to our cottage and another to Linda’s parents’ in Columbus. Her parents are nicely willing to be our “Hub” and they are now our new mailing address. We moved our bed and furniture into their basement for a place to stay next winter, making us perhaps the oldest boomerang kids ever.  We spent the 4th of July in Columbus and got to look down on the fireworks from Linda’s brother’s apartment on the 33rd floor.

Moving onto the boat (7.7.19 – 7.19.19) Bob’s knee was pretty much recovered by the time we moved aboard Tiger Lily at Larsen Marine in Waukegan on July 7th. Larsen did a great job installing new electronics and new rigging. We joked that we had our own gated community because all the staff went home each night and closed the gates and we were the only ones in their boatyard.

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