9.8.19 – Tobermory

Tobermory (8.29.19-8.30.19) This has been the best anniversary for us thanks to all the welcoming people we met! We arrived after a beautiful sail across Lake Huron and got a slip in Big Tub Harbor. We had intended to anchor in Little Tub Harbor where an anchorage was indicated on the charts, but it was very narrow with tour boats coming in and out and indicated six shipwrecks. We didn’t want to be the seventh! After a successful docking Linda stayed aboard Tiger Lily as Captain Bob got us through Canadian Customs then raised our Canadian courtesy flag. At the local bar, Crowsnest Pub, we had a drink and an appetizer and met Doug Stewart who is a member of a band called CDDC with his friend Chris. He told us to come back later when the band would be playing and he gave us lyrics to his original song about Tobermory so we could join in when it was sung later that night. When we returned to the Crowsnest a table full of Tobermory residents asked us to join them (Nora, Ray, Ron, Bridget, Janet, Merv, another Janet, and Terry.) They were so fun and welcoming! We sang the Tobermory song twice and definitely felt like honorary Tobermorians as we raised a glass each time we sang “Here’s to Tobermory!”  The next morning Doug picked us up at 7 for a tour of his island, which included his friends Joyce and Mike’s beautiful place on the water. Mike was on call with his tow trucks to impound cars that had been “stunt driving.” Stunt driving is defined as 50 kmh over the speed limit and the punishment is a $10,000 fine and your car gets impounded for a week!! Doug’s tour continued all around the island and included his lovely cottage where we met his son. Living on a boat, it is rare to see very far inland so Doug’s tour was a special treat. Our tour ended with Doug playing “Margaritaville” on Tiger Lily! What a send off!  In the afternoon we took off for Wingfield Basin that was a few hours away. Once anchored we dinghied to shore and hiked to a somewhat nondescript lighthouse, but it felt good to get exercise.  We went to sleep early because the next day we were crossing Georgian Bay.

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