9.3.19 – Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island (8.19.19) Had a nice motor sail into Mackinac Island’s marina. It was fun to cross under the Mackinac bridge – the one that Bob’s Mom’s college Geology professor said could not be built! Our neighbors in the marina were Rose and Tom of  SV Searose. They had just come from the North Channel so they gave us lots of helpful information. Then we showered so we could celebrate Allison and Bob Felgenhauer’s 10th wedding anniversary. They were celebrating on the island and they were nice enough to let us horn in! We started out at the Mission Point Inn’s bar. The bartender, “Kris with a K” was fantastic! He had a mixology degree with a specialty in Prohibition drinks. It is fascinating to be taught by someone who has a passion for what they have studied!  He taught us all about different liqueurs and spirits and made us his specialty drinks. Allison and I had blackberry Pisco sours. (After having another fabulous Pisco sour at Cabra in the West Loop of Chicago it is now one of my favorites. Guess I need to get to Peru sometime!)  Bob and Bob had a drink called the Side Car. Kris believes that he discovered the exact brand of liquor used in the original Side Car. It sure tasted great so he is probably right!  He also made us the oldest cocktail in the US, a precursor to the Old Fashioned. It had absinthe in it (which was illegal from 1912-2007!) Another new favorite is a Rusty Nail (50/50 Scotch and Drambuie.)  After our lesson we took a horse and buggy to the Stonecliff Inn and had a glass of wine looking out over Lake Huron. Then walked to the Woods for a wonderful dinner. Our horse and buggy ride at night through the forest back to the marina – perfect way to end the evening with great friends! We hope this is one of many times we can connect with friends via Tiger Lily.

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