Our Boat and Her Name

Tiger Lily is a 2003 Hallberg Rassy 46. We purchased her in Annapolis in November of 2016 and brought her to Chicago the summer of 2017 via the Erie Canal.

Down below

Naming Tiger Lily and her dinghy

For those of you wondering how we named our sailboat. One of our dearest and oldest friends, Amy Melvin, offered to create our sailboat’s name. She was an English major at Univ. of Michigan and we knew that her poetic mind would think of something that resonated with us, and she did! Linda’s nickname became Tiger Lily after her family saw the play Peter Pan and saw the resemblance Linda had to the Indian princess character (Tiger Lily). When Linda’s family got a CB radio in the 70s, during that funny era when suburban families burst into the truckers’ communication world, her CB handle was Tiger Lily. Bob is known for his desire to act like a kid- “the boy who never grew up.” Amy figured Bob is like Peter Pan and Linda is like Tiger Lily who loves Peter. Lots of people name their boats after the wife…so there you go!  Recently another close friend, Ann Douma, suggested that we name our dinghy, Nana.  Nana is the Newfoundland dog that has been hired to watch the Darling children in the Peter Pan stories. Even though we are not the kids in the story our dinghy has been taking good care of us:) We had been struggling for a name for the dinghy realizing that something like “Fairy Dust” would incorrectly imply that we were running drugs and Tinker Bell just wouldn’t do. So…thanks, Amy and Ann! We love the names even more since they were created by close friends!