9.8.19 part 2 – Parry Sound, Bredin Island, Lake Rosseau

Parry Sound and Bredin Island (8.31.19-9.1.19) The winds were great for the sail across Georgian Bay to Parry Sound.  Arriving at Big Sound Marina we were greeted by George, the Harbormaster.  He was super nice and helped us track down Canadian maps for our chart plotter. As we neared the Canadian border we noticed there was no detail for Canadian waters.  Key learning to make sure you have detailed maps for your entire cruising area.  Shout out to Pride Marine for their great customer service and tracking down the maps we needed! We weren’t too concerned because the chart plotter is a third back-up after Navionics software on our iPad (Which is nothing short of miraculous!) and paper charts. However, with literally 30,000 islands to navigate, we want back-ups! We had a nice dinner at Wellingtons with George and the owner, Mike sitting next to us. These life-long residents gave us the history of Parry Sound. The next day we cleaned the boat because we were having guests! Linda’s synchronized swim coach from University of Michigan, Joyce Lindeman, and her friends Cindy, Louise and Elaine came to pick us up.  After showing them our boat they took us back (via boat) to Joyce’s cottage on Bredin Island for a great lunch and conversation. Joyce was amazing- zipping between all these islands in the motor boat. We don’t know how people don’t get lost! Islands are everywhere and the pictures do not do it justice! Joyce is a really special person in Linda’s life so it was great to spend time with her and see the place she has spent her summers for so many years. Joyce and Cindy dropped us off a local landmark (Canadian Tire) where Joanna Grant picked us up! Joanna and David Grant are friends that we met on the Mahina trip (See previous post.) We spent the next two nights with them in their beautiful home on island in Lake Rosseau!

Lake Rosseau and back to Parry Sound (9.1.19-9.3.19) Joanna took us by car, then boat to their island. These island dwellers really have interesting logistics trying to coordinate cars and boats. Joanna and David have been working for seven years on an addition to their cottage. Can you imagine trying to ship building materials by barge? Well the result is absolutely worth the time spent because it is stunning! Joanna cooked amazing meals, especially when compared to Linda’s boat cooking, and we talked and talked! We explored their island and cruised around the neighboring islands too. It is really fun to look at the architecture of the old homes and boathouses. You can imagine the steamships bringing the families to their homes for the summer in the late 1800s. Bob wanted to use the drone for some aerial photos but needed to update the app due to lack of use.  The “test flight” went very badly.  As he tried to auto land the drone it shot up into the ceiling and then smashed to the floor.  New rule – only fly the drone outside – duh!  We were really happy to get a chance to connect with our friends from Mahina and were sad when they drove us back to Big Sound Marina in Parry Sound. The rest of that day was super windy so we did a blog post at the local library and had pizza at Boston Pizza. Bob did a blind taste test of Budweiser and Stella Artois. He finally did identify Stella correctly, but it took several minutes. Another new Bob rule, no more paying extra for Stella.

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